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Please ask us about vegetarian and vegan dishes on our menu. And always advise us of any allergies that you may have.

chapchae Chap Chae
Typical Korean Sweet Potato Noodle with bell peppers, onions and scallion.

GukSu Guk Su
Cold buckwheat noodles with fresh colorful vegetables, boiled egg, low sodium soy sauce with garlic and chili dressing sprinkled with almonds. With tofu, chicken, beef, pork, or shrimp.

Hae Mul Chon
Wheat Flour battered pan cake with shrimp, squid and cilantro.

kimchipizza Kimchi
Fermented Napa Cabbage with Korean red chili, ginger, garlic, scallion and fish sauce.

kimchipizza Kimchi Pizza
Flour battered Kimchi pancake, mildly spicy.

mandu Man Du, Korean Dumpling
Six Dumplings stuffed with vegetables, tofu, sweet potato noodle and egg yolk. Includes a fresh and colorful mixed salad with rice vinaigrette and dried herbal dressing. Sprinkled with almonds.

Please give us about 15 minutes to serve you

Ramen Ramen
With zucchini, carrot, and onion.

With Chicken or Dumplings.

With Beef, Pork, or Shrimp.

summer Summer Roll
Fresh vegetables, egg and buckwheat noodle wrapped in rice paper with peanut sauce aside. Includes a salad of beet, granny smith apples, cherry tomato and green peas sprinkled with shredded coconut.


Cold Honey Ginger Tea
Cold Green Tea with roasted barley
Cold Date Honey Tea
Cold Orange Peel Honey Tea
Bottled Water
Mineral Water or Club Soda


Mexican Beers
Hite, Korean Beer
So Ju, Korean Rice Sake


summer Choco Pie
Korean version of Moon Pie , chocolate dipped cookie with marshmallow filling.

summer Hotteok
aTypical Korean dessert topped with two generous scoops of Haagen Daz ice cream along with sweet peanut encrusted cookies.

Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream
  Haagen Dazs with sweet red beans

Hotteok with ice cream

Authentic Korean Dishes

All Korean dishes come with a bowl of mixed grain and rice, Kimchi, 3 side dishes, soup with fermented soy bean paste, cabbage and seaweed. Additional order of rice and the soup will be charged $20 pesos extra for each.

kimchipizza Bi Bim Bab
Rice, grains, mushroom, onion, carrot, Italian zucchini, spinach and beef cooked in a ceramic pot topped with Sunnyside egg.

BulGoGi Bul Go Gi
Soy Sauce marinated beef with tri-color bell peppers, onion and scallions.

Dak Bok Um
Spicy chicken with sweet potato, rice cake and cabbage.

dakdoritang Dak Guk
Mildly spiced chicken stew with carrot, onion, dates, bean sprouts and lots of garlic. Korean wheat noodle aside.

Please give us about 15 minutes to serve you

dubujjim Du Bu Jim
Tofu and egg soufflé cooked with shitake mushroom, bell pepper, scallion and fermented anchovy ( mild flavor ).

Dak Twi Kim Dak Twi Kim
Crispy chicken on a bed of fresh iceberg lettuce with soy sauce and naturally sweetened apricot preserves flavored with ginger and garlic.

summer Hae Mul Guk Su
Wheat noodle soup with shrimp and a balanced mix of mussels, squid rings, Italian zucchini, onion and carrot. Served with fermented red chili sauce. Rice not included.

Jae Yuk Bok Um
Spicy pork with pineapple and onion marinated with Korean spiced chili and soy bean paste, Go Chu Chang.

Slightly Curried Soy Sauce Chicken
With celery and onions.

sundubu Soon Du Bu Jji Kye
Spicy silken tofu stew with shitake mushroom, onion, Italian zucchini and Kimchi. Crack the hormone free raw egg that comes aside and put into your boiling stew immediately as it is served.

SweetNSpicy Sweet and Mild Spicy Chicken
With spinach, seasoned with fish sauce and lime. Sprinkled with almonds. ( Please ask us for roasted peanuts if you wish )

tilapia Grilled Tilapia
Served with grilled asparagus and sliced pears. Farm raised in Mexico.

Please give us about 15 minutes to serve you

Korean BBQ Experience

Meat, mushrooms, garlic and onions delivered to your table ready for you to cook on your own Infra-Red Grill.

All seasoned with sesame oil and Korean Ssam Jang ( fermented soy bean and red pepper paste ).
All to be wrapped together in lettuce With chicken, medium spicy pork, or soy sauce marinated beef.